my cat Mouse is a real character! Hmm.. let me see.. what can I say about him… He’s a proud cat, he DEMANDS you give him respect. He thinks he’s tough, but I know about his soft side! Miaws silently as though he was put on mute. Likes to play with feathery or fluffy toys and sleeps 70% of the time. He’s been pretty much the man in my life. However, Mouse isn’t like people, his needs are basic and instinctual.. He wants to be fed, kept warm, and played with. He doesn’t mind if I don’t dress up, he doesn’t bicker when I just want to chill out.. hes a Super Mouse.

 Mouse is psychic too. If I’m sad he stays away from me, but remains in my eye of sight just in case I call him over. He has been there with me through thick and thin and so have I, what with his numerous surgeries and grooming dramas I was there, and I have the scratches to prove it:) He’s like a fluffy PDA, my calendar of events, when I look at him its like looking at my past all the way to the present, he’s my secret diary I guess and me loves him a lot.


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